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ʻO Makuʻu Ke Kahua Community Center


ʻO Makuʻu Ke Kahua Community Center (ʻOMKKCC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization located in Puna, Hawaiʻi on Moku o Keawe (Hawaiʻi Island). ʻOMKKCC was recently developed in 2019 in order to continue the voyage approved and set forth by the founders of Makuʻu Farmers Associationin 1997. 

At a glance

 This structure will house cultural workshops, after school programs, community outreach events, business and culinary opportunities, computer classes, Health & wellness activities, allow for hosting private events, meetings and numerous other activities that will improve our community on various scales.

In Our Community

With the variety of proposed programs and projects, `OMKKCC has an ongoing commitment to remain a community-grounded foundation that promotes & perpetuates Native Hawaiian values and traditions, while also providing educational and employment opportunities.

Strategic Planning:

Features of the proposed community center include:

  • hula studio with restrooms,

  • main meeting room​,

  • luau area,

  • certified imu,

  • administrative offices,

  • multi-use resource center

  • conference rooms (for the purposes of hosting community meetings),

  • computer lab for public use,

  • private certified kitchen,

  • public certified kitchen,

  • restrooms, and

  • large & small parking lot.

Below is an amount estimate that was done in 2016.


PHASE I - (In red) Includes:

  • The main room​

  • Private certified kitchen

  • Main restroom

  • Large parking lot area


Cost:         $9,000,000

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PHASE II - (In Blue) Includes:

  • Hula studio

  • Conference rooms

  • Restrooms in hula studio

  • Public certified kitchen

  • Smaller parking lot area

Cost:           $3,000,000

 Total cost: $12,000,000

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Untitled_Artwork 3.png
Untitled_Artwork 3.png

Tracking Our Progress

  • 1997- Submitted Site proposal and Approved

  • ​2009-2011- Applied for building permit 

  • 2019- Approved for grading and building permit

Currently, approximately $500,000. has been raised towards building the community center. All architect and permit fees equaling over 1.2 million have been paid in full.



1 Million

2 Million

3 Million

4 Million

5 Million

6 Million

7 Million

8 Million

9 Million

10 million

11 Million

Goal: 12 Million


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